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Thank You, Casa de los Gatos

Last Friday, on what would have been my brother’s 70th birthday, I rented a minivan and transported 10 of his indoor cats to Tucson’s Casa de los Gatos. One was already chosen for adoption, and the others were part of the group accepted by the Casa for placement in their rescue program. Yesterday, eight more were transported to make a total of 18 cats that they accepted for placement.

I will add to this post, but I wanted to publish it as an update to the story of Sarge’s cats so that folks would know that many of them have been given a new chance to find permanent homes.

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Another of Simon’s cat videos – TV Dinner

Do you recognize YOUR cat in this video? This is too real almost…

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Simon’s Cat – "Let Me In !"

I love this artist’s renditions of Simon, and love to post it wherever I can.

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