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Hi, Friends!

on July 5, 2009

I’ve been trying out blogging for a few months, and I’ve decided to try it as a way of keeping email friends up-to-date with what is going on in my life as well as giving them the choice to look at the stuff I find interesting, funny, important, or outrageous. There will be separate pages for different categories, so people who like to look at funny captions on cat photos can do that without having to read my rant about the incompetent actions of the current state legislature. If you’re interested in photography or photoshop, I have will have pages with info and links and examples, but if you’re just wondering what I’m up to, you can check this page for the latest updates.

[Edit: Aug. 12 – I added some posts previously published on one of my earlier blogs (Herding Cats in Arizona) – they may stay or go as I figure out just what subjects I am going to blog about for the long term..]
According to tech folks, email has become over 90% spam, with people nervous about whether an email with an attachment or link in it is REALLY from the name they know or from some hacker trying to turn their computer into a spam-slave. If you sign up for an RSS feed to my blog, you won’t have to worry about whether to click to see the cute photos. RSS feed can be read by a free subscription to Bloglines or Google Reader (I’m using Google Reader), and you can add other blogs, CNN news feeds, all kinds of stuff that will come to ONE window on your computer – just like when we used to sit down and read a paper newspaper. (There are going to be kids soon who won’t know what a newspaper is!) So come visit on your own or via a reader, and I’ll try to update some of the pages enough to make the visit worth your time.

Here’s a nice video explanation about news readers:


3 responses to “Hi, Friends!

  1. Lea Ann says:

    What a great blog. I’ll look forward to your updates. Thanks for the link to the Sharon Montrose site. Some of her pictures remind me of the ones in a book of Greyhound pictures that Carrie sent me for Mother’s Day.

    Good luck with your site. You write well and have interesting links.

  2. Lea Ann says:

    Hi, Carolyn,

    No update. Does this mean you’re really busy or that you have melted? Wow, it’s turned HOT down your way. It was 90 here yesterday. We went to the off-leash area at Lake Washington early in the day. Brewster actually waded clear up a ways on his belly. Sometimes he lies down in the shallow part of the lake. Baxter, of course, spends his time swimming after his green tennis balls. He seemed a bit stiff when he got up this morning. Hope old age isn’t setting in. He has his annual physical and some shots scheduled for Aug. 3. Hope Honey and the cats are tolerating the heat. I recall you mentioned that Honey isn’t a hot weather fan.

    Take care. Keep cool.

  3. cjswartz says:

    I had planned an update last Wednesday, but when I got home from trying to trap the last 2 outdoor feral cats, I found a nasty error message on my computer monitor. Something about not being able to restart from the previous location – do you want to try again or delete the restoration data and restart. I tried a couple of things, but found that my options were limited and was not sure if my hard drive had died, so I drove my computer’s body to the nearest Data Doctor’s franchise. It is still there and will be there until Tuesday or later. I knew that I depended upon the internet for much of the information I use on a daily basis, and soon found myself quite perturbed that I didn’t have access to constant streaming of breaking news, weather, and LOLcats. I held out until Friday. The Data Doctor called to tell me that my computer had been sent to another location (not to be revealed to me during three conversations) due to his absence from work, and that the report from the other Data Doctor stated that my computer’s installation of Windows XP had become corrupted (??!!) and if I agreed to let them re-install, that I would lose most or all of my files. I told him that I had taken an external hard drive into the shop for such purposes, and then we had another couple of phone conversations which ended up with the realization that they didn’t have a power cord for my hard drive (hadn’t asked me for one) and when it came back to the shop next week (after Windows installation) that I could bring the cord to him and he could work on transferring my data back to my computer. Meanwhile, I went shopping for a Netbook and ended up buying a nifty little Toshiba NB205 so that I could tell whether it was hot outside without opening a door and letting the heat inside. Or the cats outside. Then I discovered that I could NOT remember most of my passwords, including “the last password I ever needed to remember” which was the Master Password to my password program which keeps them all safely collected together… I finally got my password hint, but couldn’t figure it out — which letter is in caps? — and am working on a list of all those things I need to remember to do to help myself the NEXT time a computer needs repair so that I won’t be sitting here again wishing I had made more backup copies of passwords, email, etc. I have copies of my photos, most programs, documents, but can only wait until next week to find out if I have the password, email, etc. info on my other hard drive.

    I couldn’t even write this comment on my own blog until I emailed WordPress for a lost password. I thought I remembered most of them…

    Oh, yeah — it is hot (118 today) and I’ve been busy with Honey, the cats, and medical procedures (lab tests, then schedule opthamologist, mammogram, bone density scan, etc.

    Baxter, I understand getting up s-l-o-w-l-y and as long as you can keep up with those green tennis balls, you’re doing fine! Brewster — no need to exert yourself when you can just float and stay cool. The closest Honey has gotten to floating or swimming is walking thru a puddle of water in the greenbelt, but if it stays 114 or above for a few more days, she might think water was her friend.

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