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O hai n welcum, Lolspeakrz n chzfrenz!

on July 10, 2009

O hai n welcum, Lolspeakrz n chzfrenz! This wiki is designed to be the *definitive* collection of key lolspeak terms and phrases, both native and borrowed,

A – eh, as in, “A? Ai cant heer u.”

adn – and (sumtiems teh kittehs gets teh letters mixed up)

aks – ask

asplode- explode, as in, when kitteh iz so cyoot, ur hed mite asplode

Awwww! – the cuteness is overwhelming and you must go “Awwww!”

bai – bye, most commonly used in, “kthxbai” Could also be used as, authored “bai”, like by or even buy, like you buy sumpin at teh stoar.

barkalounger– a doggy (googy) who iz amenable to tek kittehz sleepin awn or neer him; a reclining lounge chair

Basement Cat – archenemy of Ceiling Cat

Bearcat – a cat assumes the “bear” position; standing on back paws in an upright position with front paws extended or reaching. Mouth is usually open and da pointee enz (claws) are visible. Can be used to attack da hoomins leg, but most likely, something dangled by da hoomin, e.g., feather stick, string, etc.

birdie– a creature kittehs’ love, sometimes as fud

boxcat – a cat in a box, which would akshully be most cats

bwahahahaha – evil laugh

C – see or sea

capshun – caption

Catnip– a dangeruss drug which roons lievs ov kittehs.

cat owner – a mythical term used to denote ownership of a cat by a hoomin; an archaic expression

catuhtude – cattitude, the special way cats act. They has teh cattitude!

caturday – saturday; also known as a day when the cat is honored, adored, celebrated; a day observed by cats as their holiday

Ceiling Cat – God of awl teh kittehs; alt.spellz, ceeling. Also God of the lolcat bible and discrete observer of your personal habits.

cheezburger – the object of desire for all cats. the reason for the interweb’s existance is to acquire a cheezburger.

cheezburger not done yet – an animal known as cow

cz – sees or could be, cz for cubic zirconia, but kitteh dont often wear rings or jewlree.

Jin - one of my own box cats

Jin - one of my own box cats


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