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It’s Raining! (and cooler than 118!)

on July 21, 2009

Woke up several times early this morning to the rumble of thunder — we had thunderstorms in the valley last night but nothing really happened in my neighborhood. When I roused myself a bit before 7am, I checked weather.com on my netbook and found the temp to be 78 degrees F and a nice big blob of green and yellow all around us on the radar map. I had decided last nite that I was going to take Honey out for our walk BEFORE I let the cats out since they had several days straight of being first. I popped my thyroid pill, filled a water bottle, and leashed her up. She sat properly, waiting for the release command to come out the door after me, and off we went — to the edge of the porch… There were some large drops of water dripping off the roof, but only a light sprinkle coming out of the sky — way too much for Honey, I found. I coaxed and instructed her to “Let’s go.” and we finally made it to the park (one house away) and after a little more work, we arrived at the ramada where she could sit under a roof and feel the cool air without getting wet. That is what she decided to do for the time we had scheduled for our walk. I knew she didn’t like lawn sprinklers, but I hadn’t really tried to get her out in the rain before (she’s only been with me for 17 months ). The walk back was much quicker, and she enjoyed the rubdown with the towel when we got inside. Soon the clouds will probably evaporate and the sun will help create a very muggy, icky afternoon; I will remember the chance we had to walk in the cooling mist of a rare morning shower, and Honey will ask to go out to pee and run back in to get cooled off. Heck, I’m going for a walk without her! See ya!


One response to “It’s Raining! (and cooler than 118!)

  1. Lea Ann says:

    Oh, dear. Honey would be in big trouble in Seattle. Though not lately. We’ve had about a tenth of an inch of rain this month, if that much. Some of it came unexpectedly last evening. Great big drops that sounded wonderful on the porch roof. But, it didn’t last long at all.

    Did you watch Dog Whisperer Friday? One of my favorite episodes with Baby Girl whom Cesar finally decided was at least greyhound. We loved seeing her running with the other greyhounds; not racing at a track. Just having fun in a non-structured, safe environment. Brewster went into the lake part way up his belly the other day. We were impressed!

    Heat advisory in effect here starting today and who knows for how long. Thank goodness we now have the a/c. It’s already been a two shower day. The usual in the early a.m. Then I worked outside and needed another one. Shades of New Orleans.

    Stay well. Be happy. Enjoy your four footed companions.

    Lea Ann

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