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New family member for Diana

on July 31, 2009

Good news from Diana (who recently lost Carver)

From: Diana

Subject: New family member

Hello all,

So I have filled the empty dog slot in my house. Tuesday I volunteered at the county animal shelter as I usually do on Tuesdays and there was a border collie there. I had applied to Arizona Border Collie Rescue but they called me about 4 hours after I brought Travis home.

I brought him home and he and my other dog, Cobalt, have worked things out. I have named him Travis. He’s a border collie mix. He’s likely around a year old and still lots of puppy left in him. He’s only 39lbs now but should put on about 15 lbs. Within a day he warmed up to me and Cobalt, figured out how to use the dog door, jump on the bed, climb in the porch swing. He makes the border collie sighing noises that Carver used to make. My house feels much better now and Cobalt seems happier. I think he really got depressed the last 1 1/2 weeks. He is a dum dum at times so maybe he finallllyyyy got it that Carver wasn’t coming back. then I could swear he gave me this look like, where’s Carver, why didn’t you bring him back, and why in the world did you bring this puppy thing home to bug me. 🙂

Take care,



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