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Visit to PetsMart – two rescue dogs

on January 16, 2010

Headed down to PetsMart to pick up food for the gang – was supposed to hurry because I had other things to do, but stopped to talk to a couple with two adorable dogs. Both dogs were rescues, but one was a puppy-mill survivor (chihuahua) who had probably been kept as a breeding female. They adopted her over a year ago, and explained a bit about the problems she had adjusting to family life with people. She was and still is, afraid of people and things in a home/store environment, she had housebreaking issues since she had been housed in a cage with no bathroom breaks, and she is less socialized with dogs. They had Yorkies when the adopted her, and she got along well with them. When they died, she mourned the loss, and they went looking for another rescue dog for company. They found a pug-chihuahua (“chug”) at a shelter and brought her home a few months ago. The two dogs get along, although the chug is much more outgoing and rambunctious. The puppy-mill rescue is shy of meeting new dogs, and hopefully will adjust better with a friend to help her see the fun of meeting new dogs and new people. Kudos to the couple for saving two cutie-dogs who needed new homes, and kudos to the dogs for showing that dogs can overcome all kinds of neglect and abuse if given the chance for a good home.


their chug looked like this, EXCEPT their dog is a female


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