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A Reminder – Before you take your pet to the vet

on February 10, 2010

Conflicts of Interest in the Veterinary Profession and the Origin of “Man-Made” Dog and Cat Diseases – Advocacy For Animals.

Excerpt: “…It would seem that there has been a lack of due diligence over the role of diet, specifically, highly processed pet foods (2) in many contemporary health problems of companion animals. The same may be said about the routine application and so called ‘preventive’ treatments with anti-flea and tick topical products that only now are being fully evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (3). Was due diligence also lacking, in part because of inadequate information and understanding, with dog and cat vaccinations? Until recently the universal protocol of giving dogs and cats annual ‘booster ’injections of multivalent live and genetically engineered vaccines met resistance when ever questioned…”

I’ve been lucky to have found some good vets over the years, vets who consider the health of my dogs and cats before they consider the health of their cash register. But their training is deeply ingrained, and many topics (how often to vaccinate? etc.) are still being researched and lack absolutely definitive answers, so we must think carefully before taking our vet’s advice and ask all the necessary questions to determine whether they are using their best medical judgment or falling back on info provided by a pet pharmaceutical company.


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