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Draw the Dog cartoons help rescue homeless dogs

on June 17, 2010

Visit DrawtheDog.com

Early this year, two talented dog-loving friends created a website that is “the happiest ‘Spot’ on the web” – Draw the dog (drawthedog.com). They “capture the joy, chaos, love and goofiness of living with dogs…” Draw the Dog shows a daily cartoon, but they came up with a unique way of showing them — the cartoons “draw themselves” as you sit and watch! Jim George, an ex-Disney animator, draws the cartoons, and friend Bruce Kasanoff does “everything else”. They get ideas from readers and create moving images that recreate daily experiences with our dogs. They also want to help all the homeless dogs that are in rescues, shelters and pounds waiting for a chance to have a new home, so they created the videos below. If you have room for a pair of loving eyes and a wagging tail – please consider adopting from your local rescue. If you don’t know where your local shelter/rescues are located, just go to Petfinders.com and put in your zipcode to get a list of nearby dogs/cats/rabbits/ etc. that need homes.

Also be sure to visit Drawthedog.com and sign up for a daily email full of wet noses, wagging tails, and lots of fun!


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