Eyes of a Friend

Life with companion animals

About CJ

Born and raised in Arizona. Love it!

Grew up on about an acre of citrus grove land – dad built our home and left as many trees as he could. We had a small herd of sheep to keep the pasture grass trimmed, and the sheep decided that they would trim the citrus trees as well – they loved the grapefruit (butted it open) and the leaves – they stood on their hind feet to reach as many leaves as they could.

As Phoenix grew during the ’50’s, I remember our family driving out to the edge of town to see the new city limits signs with the wording “Population – 100,000”. I thought that was a lot of people then…

I was lucky to be born during the second World War, even though it was scary to live through the “duck and cover” drills of the post Korean War era, the Phoenix area was a comfortable, relatively safe place to grow up.

Have always loved music, photography, and animals, and have added a love of Photoshop to that list.

Now I’m trying out blogging — if you’d like to learn more about blogging – watch this tutorial for WordPress —


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