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July 26, 2009
I’ve been re-installing my printers and programs (Photoshop, etc.) since getting my computer back from service (Windows file corrupted – had to re-install Windows ). Also went to my first photo meetup group (Arizona Shutterbugs) in months – we went to a natural museum in Mesa with dinosaur skeletons, etc. and shot photos. It was fun getting out of the house (but still inside someplace cool) and getting away from all the 4-footed creatures demanding my immediate attention (mostly Gin, whose voice is getting strident).
When I got back, I worked on the photos and uploaded a few to our Meetup website. Then it was time for a webinar sponsored by Retouchpro.com, a forum I’ve visited for many years. Steve Caplin showed us a lot about working with layer masks and vector masks — he does composite work for ads and other professional media. He was working on his computer in England and people who subscribed to the web seminar were watching from all around the world — technology is cool.
July 2, 2009

I currently use Photoshop CS3, and have used PShop since version 3. I have learned a lot about its use, and have more to learn – it’s fun even while learning, and that’s a great feature!

I learned a lot at Retouchpro.com which is a website for retouchers, but also includes tutorials, tips, and challenges in areas ranging from retouching to photo art.

Lynda.com is the place to go for professional training from the best instructors in the business. There are some free online tutorials to get you acquainted with their work, and a monthly or yearly fee to use the best stuff. I just sign up for a month when I have some time to do some training or brush-ups.


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